Briddge Legal & Finance began in 2011 when two legal associates decided to merge. Their mission was to help facilitate international oriented businesses to be able to thrive in the European market place. By merging they were able to share their resources and knowledge to achieve their mission. Briddge core business attributes lies in providing administrative services to internationally oriented businesses.

The services that Briddge provides are; Corporate, payroll, labor, immigration, accounting, external human resources and tax services. These services purposes are to assist international businesses so they can focus on their objectified mission in securing a European market place. Briddge has grown massively within 10 years. What makes Briddge specials is the diversity of our team, we have built a multicultural organization with colleagues coming from all walks of life. The diversity that we offer helps us provide new outlook solutions as every culture has a certain vision of how things can be done which gives of an enlightened synergy.

Briddge has 3 offices located in the Netherlands. The headquarters is located in Amsterdam, and the organization has offices in Rotterdam and the Hague. The organization has further one office located in North America (Los Angeles, California). The organization is currently operating with 93 employees, with the most located in the Netherlands and one regional director in the Los Angeles office.

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